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From general wellness visits (which we strongly encourage) to precise surgical care, we invite you to read below to learn more about our services in greater detail.

Visiting us regularly for routine examinations is an essential component to comprehensive care and ensuring that your pet is equipped to live a long and happy life.

Regular veterinary care can greatly extend the lifespan of your pet and help to prevent conditions like heartworm disease, diabetes, arthritis and more. When you visit us early and often, we can often catch issues before they arise with acute symptoms or become a greater problem down the road.

Be sure to schedule your next appointment today and enjoy the benefits that come with a happy, healthy pet that’s prepared for a long and prosperous life!

Alongside general wellness care and regular examinations, preventative care can also extend the life of your pet and ensure that the risk of acute medical issues is greatly reduced.

Our comprehensive approach to veterinary care also includes preventative care which can include everything from vaccinations to dietary counseling to make sure your cat or dog stays within their target weight range.

Many preventative care techniques can be easily implemented from home, like healthy eating and exercise, so we’ll make sure to give you all of the information you need to ensure your pet gets in great shape, and stays that way!

Many pet owners don’t truly understand the importance of dental health and hygiene in their pet. Oral health can actually be indicative of overall health, and issues such as gingivitis and dental abscesses can not only be unpleasant for your pet, but can put them at risk for more complicated issues as well.

We offer routine cleaning during our appointments and can give you additional tips, such as administering dental chews, to ensure that your pet’s smile stays strong and bright.

With more than thirty years of veterinary experience and an array of advanced surgical equipment, we’re also prepared to deliver surgical care for your pet, depending on the need and the severity of the issue at hand. From a routine spay or neuter to more comprehensive procedures, we’re confident in our ability to perform exceptionally precise and effective surgical care.

We also will help you to understand your pet’s recovery time and suggest any techniques possible to increase and enhance the comfort of your pet as they get back to their optimal state of health.

Dr. Bill Bennett and our veterinary professionals are staffed six days a week, and possess the tools required to deliver emergency care to your pet when it matters most.

Emergencies are unpredictable situations and even pets that are in optimal health can experience an accident. Anything from ingesting chocolate or poison to receiving an unexpected wound can require immediate medical attention to ensure a full recovery.

We do ask that if you’re visiting us to receive emergency care, you call ahead if at all possible. This additional preparation time can be very valuable and allow us to save a life.

If your emergency is occurring after-hours, we ask that you call Affiliated Veterinary Specialists in Gainesville, Florida at (352) 672–6718 or University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine at (352) 392-2235

We are happy to see your pet once they are discharged, but encourage you to call the above number if we are not available.

We believe that laser therapy is an incredibly effective tool when it comes to healing and ensuring optimal health and recovery for your pet.

Laser therapy can help when it comes to alleviating acute pain, assisting with tissue repair, facilitating necessary cell growth or ensuring that your pet recovers fully from a recent accident or surgery.

We’re proud to provide laser therapy via LiteCure, LLC, which is a state-of-the-art and entirely non-invasive approach to laser therapy. This technology uses a beam of light to facilitate healing within tissues, without causing damage or impact. The light creates a biological response that will catalyze a natural healing response in your pet.

Meanwhile, your pet simply feels a gentle warming sensation and absolutely no pain.

Some of the primary medical conditions that laser therapy can effectively treat include the following.

• Arthritis
• Post-surgical healing
• General pain relief
• Healing for sprains, strains and/or fractures
• Cuts and/or bites
• Wounds
• Infections
• Inflammatory diseases
• Pain and stiffness associated with aging

If you feel that your cat or dog can benefit from laser therapy or are looking for an effective way to reduce recovery time, please give us a call at (352) 528–3119 to learn more about this advanced technology.

Williston Veterinary Clinic | Williston, Florida

Whether you have a puppy or kitten, or a full-grown cat or dog, we provide a range of services to serve your pet’s evolving needs, whatever they may be.

Kindly note that we accept emergency visits at any time of the day, as long as our clinic is open. In case of emergency, please call ahead if at all possible.

Please also note that we are unable to accommodate avian or exotic species. If you have a question or concern about your pet or our services, we always welcome you to call us at (352) 528–3119 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Williston Veterinary Clinic | Williston, Florida